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What is is a nonprofit information site whose goals are to make information about mathematical applications in epidemiology available to public health professionals and students, as well as facilitate communication among mathematical epidemiologists.

What is EPITools?

The EPITools project (Epidemiological and Public Health Interactive Tools) is designed to make useful epidemiological software available. Users may contribute their own programs as well as use programs written by others.

How is the site being implemented?

Check our our Implementation page.

Do I need any special software to use this site?

For the time being, the pages can all be viewed with Netscape Navigator; JavaScript and Java must be enabled for some pages. Simplicity (and minimizing the use of graphics) is a design goal; in particular, we wish to be as Lynx-friendly as possible (though for some pages, however, graphics are a necessity.)

Who is developing this site?

The site is being developed collaboratively by a number of individuals. Travis Porco is the webmaster and a web author; Tomas Aragon is a consultant and web author.

Is access to all content on this site free?

Yes. It is our intention to keep all content on this site freely accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Are there copyrights and so on?

Yes. As of this time, all material (including the domain name), except for Rweb, is © 1999 by Travis C. Porco. The material is freely distributable provided no content or attributions are changed and the copyright is not removed.

Is there any warranty on anything?

No indeed. Because everything is being provided free of charge, we are providing no guarantees or warranties of any kind. Use at your own risk.

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