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Biostatistics Notes

This page includes notes for an introductory biostatistics class taught for public health students at San Francisco State University. Please note that the class notes on this page are under construction.
The goal in this class is to learn the fundamental concepts of statistics which are useful in the field of public health, using computer simulation, which is used extensively to illustrate the fundamental probabilistic basis of statistical inference. The topics covered are fundamental probability theory, the T-test, the Chi-square test, One way analysis of variance, Correlation, Regression, and optional topics.

Final Examination

The final examination has been posted.

Administrative Details

San Francisco State University, Fall 2001
Instructor: Travis C. Porco, Ph.D.,
Class Time: Wednesday, 7:00 PM to 9:45 PM
Class Location: Thornton Hall, Room 425.
Instructor Office Hours: Science, Rm. 392, Wednesdays 5 PM to 6:50 PM.

Required Course Reading


Optional Readings

Course Outline

Proceed to the course outline.

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