More mathematical epidemiology information to be added...
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Mathematical Epidemiology

Elementary introduction to mathematical epidemiology

Computational Epidemiology

Elementary introduction to computational epidemiology

Epidemiology Vade Mecum

A very few epidemiological definitions and simple examples added as time permits.

Modeling and Methods

Links and annotations you may find useful.

Books on Mathematical Epidemiology

An incomplete list of good books on mathematical epidemiology.

Biostatistics Methods

Notes and demonstrations about introductory biostatistics


Epidemiology and Public Health Interactive Tools
Page under construction; view current developments at the EPITools page.


We installed the Rweb server scripts developed by Jeff Banfield; this allows you to access R (a statistics program reminiscent of S and S-Plus) through the Web. For the time being we disabled this; view current developments at the
Mathepi Rweb Page.


"Mechanism is not one principle of explanation among others. In natural philosophy, where to explain means to discover origins, transmutations, and laws, mechanism is explanation itself." --George Santayana
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